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Will the Vivo Nex 2 smartphone bring a … double screen?

Vivo NEX 2 Smartphone Dual Screen

It is one of the biggest Asian manufacturers that already aim to reach the western markets with their Android smartphones. It is also responsible for innovative products like the original NEX. This device will soon be replaced by Vivo Nex 2.

In this sense, we will soon be able to get to know your next generation of high-end Android smartphones. Device such as Vivo Nex 2 can replace the existing generation in the market for just over 6 months.

Meanwhile, we had already seen several images and endless rumors surrounding the Vivo Nex 2 smartphone. According to these indicators, the next Android smartphone will have an extremely quirky design and a possible secondary screen or double screen!

Therefore it is unnecessary to say that we are already looking forward to the presentation of Vivo Nex 2. Well, now we have official images, released by the manufacturer Android through its official channels. These images illustrate the article.

Will the Vivo Nex 2 smartphone bring a … double screen?

In short, we will not have to wait much longer for its official presentation taking into account the ravages of all these fugues, purposeful or not. Incidentally, then we can see the Android smartphone in all its splendor, with pretty dashing lines. Note also that the image of the smartphone was published by the brand in its official profile on the Weibo social network as well as on its official website. Here we can see a (main) screen, practically without significant margins or annoying bezels.

Vivo NEX 2 Smartphone Dual Screen

Though dazzling and stripped of great banks, it is on its back that it is … the virtue of the said whose. That is, we have here, in the first place, what appears to be a groove at the top (in the metallic bezel ). Next, we have a triple alignment of horizontally positioned cameras and the respective LED flash.

It will be Vivo’s next Android smartphone

Secondly, we have something that looks a lot like a screen on your back or back panel. This feature would be somewhat unusual and its practical utility also raises some doubts. However, it would certainly be a smartphone … different.

Thirdly we have the notorious absence of the frontal camera. Therefore, as in the current Vivo Nex, also in Vivo Nex 2 this camera may be hidden, in the structure of the Android smartphone.

It will be Vivo's next Android smartphone

In short, in the photographic aspect the Vivo Nex 2 can surprise with its triple camera in the rear. However, we do not know if this Android manufacturer will opt for a scheme similar to that of Huawei Mate 20 Pro or LG V40. That is, a camera with a wide angle lens, normal and with optical zoom.

Vivo Nex 2 can cost around € 849 in Europe

However, the use of a second display certainly raises concerns about the battery life. It remains to know how the brand will deal with this question or whether it will effectively implement such a concept …

Sure it would be a breath of fresh air for the whole market of mobile devices, Android and otherwise. Incidentally, I am reminded that the current Vivo Nex took the Mobile World Congress 2018 ( MWC ) by surprise  , being the most innovative smartphone in the whole event.

Vivo Nex was then APEX and conquered technology enthusiasts with its front  facing pop-up camera. Now for 2019 the Chinese manufacturer wants to repeat the feat and may well bet on this new formula.

In short, will the screen double the answer or logical choice to the screen and foldable smartphone?


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