Home NEWS Wiko joined Qwant and launched the ‘anti-Google smartphone’

Wiko joined Qwant and launched the ‘anti-Google smartphone’

Wiko joined Qwant and launched the 'anti-Google smartphone'

The initiative was carried out in France. Wiko has joined the Qwant search engine to launch a special smartphone with less Google inside it. The company took a model that already existed and launched the smartphone with Qwant instead of Google Chrome.

The device was christened View2 Pro Qwant. Although this is a solution that you can hardly consider as a real anti-Google smartphone, the truth is the first step in this direction. The price of the device is encrypted at 179, but obviously comes with Android.

Qwant’s vice president came forward to explain the launch of the device and the partnership with Wiko. Tristan Nitot stated that “this smartphone proves that Europe is not a digital colony”. Qwant has always been alert to Google’s strategy.

Wiko View2 Pro Qwant comes with Maps and Youtube installed

The French company joining a smartphone maker was the natural step of things. Obviously, if these companies want to show independence they have to be firmer. Google is much more than a search engine, and the smartphone does not dispense with Maps and Youtube.

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This type of initiative appears following the imposition of the European Union vis-à-vis Google. Now it is no longer required for manufacturers who have Chrome preinstalled on their devices. For Wiko this is a way of testing if the anti-Google sentiment of the market is strong.

But is this a true anti-Google smartphone? It seems a good way for the Qwant search engine to gain some media relevance, not least because it is known for its strict privacy and impartiality policies. In the background, it ends up joining the useful to the pleasant.


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