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Why is One UI so unique? Samsung explains!

Why is One UI so unique Samsung explains

Samsung is betting everything on One UI, its own new interface, based on Android 9.0 Pie. However, bad memories of the Touchwiz are still fresh in the minds of many.

The Korean giant has already given some samples of what the experience will be like in One UI. Samsung aims to simplify the use of the devices through a clean interface, space and improve accessibility to everything.

The notifications panel allows a more organic view

When we open the notifications, the quick settings bar scrolls to the bottom of the screen. This allows for better interaction for one-handed use. An ergonomics problem with many smartphones with large screens.

The notifications panel allows a more organic view


A simplified viewing area

Secondly we have a change in the way we visualize and interact with the content. The user now interacts by tapping the elements at the bottom of the screen. The upper part shows the content of the applications.

One Ui introduces this content to us through “focus blocks” that show less information but keep the user more focused, according to Samsung. These blocks maintain a rounded and minimalist appearance, combining with all the aesthetics of the interface.

A simplified viewing area


Relevant elements and “dark mode”

Third, One UI also reduces the number of interactive elements, removing anything irrelevant to the action in question.

An example of this is when a user enters a number in the mobile application, only appear to create contact or start call options.

Relevant elements and dark mode


This interface would not be complete without also including a dark mode or night mode. However, One UI does not just make the contrast from white to black. The tone, brightness, and overall appearance is changed for better visual comfort.

In conclusion, all of these new implementations seem indeed beneficial. Samsung wants One UI not to be seen as a “skin” but a completely different experience from the other brands, allied to Android in its entirety and complementing the operating system.


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