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WhatsApp will be punished for sharing information with Facebook

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WhatsApp will be punished in France with a fine, due to the sharing of information between this instant messaging application and its owner, the social network Facebook. As the reuters advanced the exchange of information was quite significant. This, to the point of the  Commission Nationale de l’informatique et des libertés (CNIL) investigates the case.

This data and information protection commission is accusing WhatsApp, urging you to stop sharing user information with Facebook without obtaining explicit consent to do so. You have a month to put an end to this practice. Failure to do so will face a heavy pecuniary penalty. Values have not yet been specified.

As soon as a new European directive takes effect early next year, CNIL will be able to punish WhatsApp with up to 4% of its annual profit. All this due to their transgressions in the privacy policy of their users’ information.

WhatsApp and Facebook criticized for large-scale information exchange

It was and continues to be, the second largest acquisition to receive European Union approval. It generated much controversy when both companies announced that they would begin to exchange information between the two. Something that will have started in the middle of 2016.This new development adds a chapter to the already extensive saga that involves the purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook. A business that goes back to 2014 and involved a figure of 19 billion dollars.

The controversy led to Facebook eventually putting a brake on this practice. Not before several EU member states began to punish this activity individually. France is just one of the latest countries to do the same, after Germany and the United Kingdom took a similar stance, and strongly condemned the sharing of data without the explicit consent of the user.

The great concern of the European authorities is that consumers who already used WhatsApp before it was bought by Facebook do not feel comfortable with this new policy of information sharing. The “rules” changed without the users knowing and suddenly Facebook had access to various information that until then would be confined to the WhatsApp servers.

Consumers were not warned. They have not received any notification. There was only an opportunity to remove the application if they did not agree to this sharing of information. Having said this, it’s no wonder that consumers have continued to use the App, ignoring this action.

Concerned is the exchange of information without the users’ consent

However, by 2014, at the time of this acquisition, it was perfectly clear under the contract that neither company would share large amounts of information with the other. For European Union approval, this was one of the contractual clauses established.Although these concerns do not normally result in intense regulatory activity on the part of European bodies, they are after all private companies that can change their rules as they see fit as long as they remain within the legal framework.

At the time, the two companies argued that they did not even think it was possible to have large-scale information-sharing three years ago. Something that many critics dubbed dishonest. We will continue to monitor this issue here at Androidvillaz.



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