WhatsApp The New Update brings change in how you view your videos

Facebook is looking at WhatsApp in a more serious way in recent days. Yesterday news has it that the new update for the Beta tester for Android already had the “slide to respond,” today we have fresh news.

In addition to the information about the advertisements in the future update of WhatsApp, today we also have news about the video in the application.

So far sharing a video forced the user to leave the application to view the content. With this new update, the “Picture-in-picture” is installed.

That is, by clicking on the video instead of being redirected to Youtube or Instagram, you can see the video immediately in the WhatsApp chat.

Picture-in-picture arrived at WhatsApp Beta of Android

According to the information, not all platforms respond in the same way. If it is a video of Instagram, Facebook or Youtube you can have the picture-in-picture. However, if the video is from Twitter or even published in the WhatsApp application, it continues exactly from the old format.



This new feature is now available to all WhatsApp Beta users with version v2.18.301. If you do not have WhatsApp Beta installed you can go over this link to register.

It is believed that it will not take long for this news to reach all Android users. The picture-in-picture is already available for iOS since January; it’s good to see that Facebook finally looks at Android users. After all, there should be more Android users than iOS.

The news of the application of messages should not be left here. With these additions in recent days it only leads us to think that a huge update is about to arrive.


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