WhatsApp to receive fingerprint authentication for security

Very soon, WhatsApp for Android will receive a new security feature for the fingerprint authentication. This feature will also reach iOS, supporting both the Touch ID and Face ID.

Although it is not known for sure when it will arrive, it has already been confirmed that if development is already in the final phase and should reach the beta very soon. However, its implementation will not be done as many users wished.

According to the information that has emerged so far, the implementation of the new security feature will be done in a single way. Encompassing the application as a whole. Activates the security method “fingerprint reader”, you will need to use the biometric sensor whenever you open WhatsApp.

WhatsApp will get safer, but not as many wished

While it is always good to have a tighter level of security for the new personal conversations, many users expected to receive at least one more option to apply this feature.

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Certainly, it would be interesting to see an option to limit protection add to just a few specific conversations. In the midst of dozens of chats and groups, there is no doubt that there are always those in which content is more ‘sensitive’. So instead of needing to use the fingerprint reader every time WhatsApp is opened. We could just select the chats that would receive the additional protection.


However, regardless of whether these additional utilities will be implemented, or not. It is with good eyes that we see the arrival of the support for the biometric sensor. There is no doubt that the access of ‘outside looks’ to our personal conversations is an event that leaves any user worried.


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