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WhatsApp prepares “image search” in new update

WhatsApp continues to improve on each update. The next one will bring users the ability to “browse image”. This feature is important to prevent the spread of false news (Fake News) over the internet. 

That is, the “search image” functionality will have nothing to do with your images. Instead, when you receive an image you will be able to click “Search Image” and the application will show you identical images. This will make the user quickly realize if the image is false news or if it says what it appears.

Although we do not know in concrete how will be the form of research, it is very probable that it takes the Google search like the main form of search. 

This is the way WhatsApp has to unmask images with false information

When searching for the image, you will see images identical to the one presented and you will be able to see if it is a worked image or not. Hopefully, also that combined with the image also arrive news or articles that talk about it. 

WhatsApp New image search feature

Although Nigeria does not suffer much from the false news published in WhatsApp, our friends in Brazil can not say the same. WhatsApp is the main communication application in Brazil and the main way of sharing false news. 

Since chats are encrypted, WhatsApp can do nothing to confirm whether what is shared is true or not. This is because the application does not have access to the conversation. 

That is, although this functionality is an important tool, it will be up to the user to learn and understand its use. Facebook, an owner of WhatsApp, has been having trouble fighting Fake News and while its primary platform is simpler to realize which users are spreading false news, the same can not be said in WhatsApp. 

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