Home NEWS WhatsApp Messenger breaks records and surpasses Facebook

WhatsApp Messenger breaks records and surpasses Facebook

WhatsApp Messenger breaks records and surpasses Facebook

WhatsApp Messenger, better known as ” Whatsup “, has seen a record and has surpassed Facebook’s application as the most used in the world!

The application for exchange of messages, video and calls was bought by Facebook in 2014 for a total of 21 billion dollars, equivalent to 19 billion euros at the current exchange rate.

Since the acquisition of Facebook that the application has been rising more and more. Facebook made the messages private and encrypted. The app has won video call between multiple users and continues without advertising.

Unlike its “brother” Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger remains just the same. That is, a simple, elegant application with the main functionality running almost seamlessly.

According to “The State of Mobile,” the Facebook Messenger application has surpassed Facebook as the application most uses in the US. Although these data offer us measurements only from North America, it is believed that this has occurred in other countries and continents.

Facebook’s controversy did not help

Many people have disabled their profile on Facebook after the controversies of Cambridge Analytica and the influences that the social network was having in the political world.

Many users, myself included, have been used by Facebook in a way never seen before. Your data was “sold” to spread fake news from websites that had no background check.

Twitter admits that a bug has revealed private account posts on Android

However, Facebook apologized there and said it will change in the future. A promise that fell in vain on millions of users. In fact, it is not for nothing that many blogs have written articles on ” how to disable your Facebook account “.

WhatsApp remains loyal to its followers

In contrast, WhatsApp Messenger remains identical to its roots. I already have WhatsApp a good few years ago and little has changed. He added one thing or another but the idea and the backbone are still there. Let’s just hope that Facebook does not spoil one of the best Android and iOS applications to communicate over the internet.


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