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WhatsApp to launch cash transfer function in India

WhatsApp to launch cash transfer function in India
System was tested in the country in February and will have the adhesion of four banks

The WhatsApp will implement in India, the complete function of payments within the application. The system was tested in early February and will now officially air in the country, according to information released this week by Reuters.

The service is able to connect the mobile number with the user’s bank account to make the transfers. So far, there are four banks in the country that have shown interest in integrating the system. It will also be available for versions on Android and iOS.

In India, WhatsApp is used by more than 200 million users. There is still no information on whether the system will be implemented in other locations around the world.


  1. They are now advancing like kilode! Apostle must hear of this! Whatsapp will soon introduce it all over the world only if it goes well for them.. Wish them best of luck! Thanks for the info.

  2. Nice Nice! Whatsapp is a good app Sha.. It really growing up rapidly.. Very soon the features will be available to others. Thanks.


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