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WhatsApp has a new measure to give users more security

WhatsApp has a new measure to give users more security

WhatsApp is one of the largest, if not the largest, communications service in the world. The application dominated by Facebook is one of the most important in today’s smartphones.

However, not everything is a sea of roses for WhatsApp. The application is constantly under fire. Whether it’s to increase the user’s privacy or even their security.

In India WhatsApp is being pressured by the government to take a more active attitude in the control of information sharing. This happens after 18 youths commit suicide for defamation of alleged false news.

The problem is great. On the one hand the WhatsApp does not want to put the nose in other people’s conversations, on the other, there is governmental pressure for WhatsApp to do something about fake News and user safety.

WhatsApp has a new measure to keep you safe

The new update will not work miracles or completely eradicate “fake news”, but it will help unknowingly people get a sense of what they are clicking on. Be it in links that can potentially be malicious or links to articles that websites that are simply bogus.

When you receive a link in the conversation you will also receive a warning that this is a “suspicious link” and that you should think twice before clicking on the information described.

We do not know the evaluation criteria of these links or when this update will reach all users. Some who have the beta version of WhatsApp already have this security measure, however, it is a measure that will reach the public sooner or later.

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Facebook (or WhatsApp) is struggling to manage what “false news” is or is not. In a society that has not yet become accustomed to this, it is becoming complicated to have a solution to all these problems.


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