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WhatsApp groups may have custom descriptions

Love or hate the function, WhatsApp groups are part of the reality of virtually any user’s messaging application – which creates that everlasting sequence of family, work, friends and other groups that leave anyone lost.

With a new actual z action that is now available for the app, however, users can arrange some more things with customizable descriptions zadas  for each group.

To access them, simply touch the group name, the new tab “add description to the group” and start typing. The description is limited to 512 characters, but may include application emojis and will be visible to all members of the group.

The feature is now available for Android and iOS systems .

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  1. Harun Khalid Adeiza

    It’s going to be nice if they really introduce that, just willing to see the update ASAP. Cause it’s very helpful. Thanks for reviewing this information.

  2. Wow this is cool thanks for the info

  3. Haruna mustorpha

    Woow! This is a great feature from whatsapp.
    Thanks for sharing this cool info.

  4. Nice features from ,whatapp,hope it gonna be launch soon

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