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WhatsApp gets group calls update feature for Android and iOS

The group calls on WhatsApp is a long-awaited feature many users has waited to have thanks to the developers of this app the feature is finally here for us all. WhatsApp is one of the most used communication services on Android and iOS. The application, now owned by Facebook, was the first to offer the possibility of communication over the internet.

I remember having my BlackBerry Curve and slowly migrating my communication from BlackBerry Messenger to WhatsApp. Over time the application has grown so much that Facebook had to invest. After purchasing the App the service continued to offer the same possibilities but with significant improvements.

We have video calls between users and, better than that, we still have no advertising between the conversations, just like Facebook Messenger.

WhatsApp Messenger allows group calls on iOS and Android

Today begins one of the most anticipated updates coming for Android and iOS. The latest version will give users the ability to make video group calls.

Video calls can reach up to 4 people and the stability and quality of the call promise to be identical to the one you see at the moment.

All calls are encrypted to maintain the security and privacy of all conversations. To make a group call you need to first call a contact and then click the add people button in the upper right corner.

The group calls on whatsapp update is coming to Android and iOS as we speak. If it’s not available on your side, just calm down. Go to the Play Store or Apple Store and confirm that you have the latest version. It’s only a matter of time before I get to your gear

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