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WhatsApp Business - Everything you need to know!

WhatsApp Business updated with new features already in the Google Play Store

WhatsApp Business, the professional version of this instant messaging service is receiving a new update in the Google Play Store. An update that aims to make communication between the company and the customer easier and more dynamic. For those who are not yet familiar with WhatsApp Business, this is a distinct application of WhatsApp. It aims to give companies, stores, communication agencies, among others, a communication platform.

It uses the same “engine” as the normal application, giving the professional user a range of tools so that they can more easily manage all communication with their target audience. It should be noted that before someone runs to the Google Play store to install the news, you should not use this WhatsApp Business with your personal account.

Application developers warn that when restoring messages to WhatsApp Business, that same restore cannot be used again in the conventional version of the application. Incidentally, it is recommended that you make a second backup, just in case there is some confusion and thus prevent the loss of messages.

WhatsApp Business with news on the Google Play Store

With this in mind, there are essentially three news for WhatsApp Business with the latest update coming to the Google Play Store The first is the ability to schedule, schedule, and set up quick responses.

Standard answers to the most common questions. So that the professional user can respond quickly to the most common questions of their audience. It is a platform that aims to bring the company closer to the common consumer.

This can be good as it can create a certain barrier between the consumer and the company. After all, the predefined answers turn out to be little personal. However, the introduction of this new possibility can help answer a number of questions, not forgetting them or not answering them.

WhatsApp Business – Everything you need to know!

Another new feature already available on the Google Play Store is the ability to set a welcome message. Something that can be used when the user wants to salute someone in the services of this platform of instant communications. Finally, a cataloging mechanism now appears. This was added to the messages to assist the representatives of the companies, and the companies themselves, to manage the volume of communications. In order to organize by categories or themes their influx of messages.

However, the rest of the WhatsApp Business application remains intact. In short, you can create a business profile with several tools for this purpose. Moreover, the application continues to allow the existence of a personal profile and a professional profile, both separated. One in the normal version of WhatsApp and the other in the professional version.

If you have a business, a store, company or commercial activity then you will like the news. Update your app now through the Google Play Store.

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