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WhatsApp AD v11 Best Mod Apk


WhatsApp AD v11

WhatsApp AD V11

WhatsApp AD is Combination of Whatsapp Plus + Whatsmapp + WACA +
Whatsapp Material apps, all in one Package and also a altenate and based
on WhatsApp . Download and install from below to feel the awesome.


  • Added almost all icons from all whatsapp mods
  • New chat bubbles based on whatsapp WEB
  • Added new MUTE icon and changed its position on contact avatar
  • OLD WACA ticks
  • WACA counter modified
  • WACA type group counter
  • New calls icons
  • New media,play/pause,audio/played icons
  • New default background
  • Much more to be experienced by yourself.
  • Since this app is based on Whatsfapp,it has all features of Whatsfapp.

Whats New ?

  • New whatsApp icon
  • WACA counter modified
  • iOS Ticks
  • Materialized notification call and messages icon
  • Added new MUTE icon and changed it’s position on contact avatar
  • New call icons
  • New Media Icons
  • New play/pause icons
  • New audio mic colors (Played/non-played)
    Lollipop type call screen
  • Colored Icons in Settings
  • Sms verification fixed
  • and many more

How to Install ?

  1. Take a Backup of Current Whatsapp
  2. Uninstall current version
  3. Install Whatsapp AD
  4. Restore the backup or do simple SMS verification
  5. Enjoy

Download Link

WhatsApp AD v11 Stock emoji APK (21.6 MB)

WhatsApp AD v11 Google emoji APK (21.3 MB)

WhatsApp AD v11 Twitter emoji APK (20.8 MB

WhatsApp AD v11 One emoji APK (21.3 MB)


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