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What is TikTok: What social network is this? Here is the summary you need to know

What is TikTok What social network is this Here is the summary you need to know

TikTok is all over the place. The Chinese application seems to want to dominate the world and, truth be told, it seems to show capabilities for this. The application is funny and will get you lost in the midst of the world’s imagination.

Although many compare it to Vine, Facebook or even Snapchat, I can not agree. For a specific reason, I even like this app. That is, while Vine were videos of 6 seconds, Facebook is family until say arrives and SnapChat is “too young”, TikTok is an application that I like to do scroll.

Although everything will depend on one parameter, who do you follow on the platform. I’ll explain how it works in the simplest way I can understand.

TikTok surprised me

TikTok is a social network for sharing “music” or “video” clips made with your imagination. You certainly looked at a video clip and thought, “I’d do it differently.” That way, you get on your smartphone, pick up the music in question and give your imagination wings.



You do not have to be a star, you only need to have a fertile imagination to grow in this social network. That is, if you want to be recognized in TikTok. If as I want to follow a number of people with imagination you can too.

However, it is not just music. Buying TkTok from Musica.ly made the application grow in music, but you can record your clips too. Clips that can go up to 60 seconds.

Although at first, I had my doubts of “another social network, baaaah”, this TikTok surprised me by the positive. In fact, the growth of the application around the world shows that. See an example of Falco in the video below.

Certainly, Mark Zuckerberg is thinking about his version of TikTok for Facebook. However, since TikTok is so drastically different from Facebook, I do not know if it will.

In short, take a look at the Android and iOS appI fully believe that you will enjoy it. Initially, it seems a little “out of place” but it is finally a different social network.



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