What else are Chinese smartphone brands good at if not copying?

What else are Chinese smartphone brands good at if not copying

Most of the Smartphone companies in that China have survived for a while now in the smartphone industry by copying and imitating other brand’s design just to get people’s attention. Most of the time, this survival strategy worked out pretty good for some, while for most of them, it killed caused more harm than good.

Before we continue with the story of how the latest Chinese smartphone brand caught copying, take a break and check out my post on Smartphone brands that couldn’t stop themselves from copying Apple.

You may not have heard of Little Pepper, but the company is a Chinese Smartphone brand that does know how to get people’s attention by imitating popular and trending Smartphone designs.

Their last knockoff was the little Pepper V9 Smartphone, this device has a striking resemblance to the Xiaomi Mi 6. But they copied the designs but left out the main things, which are the specs.

Here ones again little pepper takes its inspiration from the iPhone X to put together their latest to-be flagship phone, Little Pepper S11.

Here is what the phone looks like.

What else are Chinese smartphone brands good at if not copying

I believe the first thing that caught your eyes was the notch at the upper part of the display, that’s one of the features that made the iPhone X so unique and as of now, the iPhone X is the only Smartphone on earth with such a design, then seeing it on another Smartphone the way pepper did, we don’t need a sorcerer to tell us Little pepper did a little copy-cat here.

Another thing to notice is that pepper couldn’t drag the display to the edge of the bezels, here the S11 has a lot of bezels at the top and bottom, making it lack so much in the trends that makes up a worthy 2017 Smartphone. Maybe they don’t have the technology to make a bezel-less display or they are trying to play smart here. However, we all know they were trying to get our attention by adding iPhone X’s kind of notch.

While the S11 tries to differ from iPhone X by adding a physical home button which also acts as the fingerprint scanner below the screen, the back of the phone still bears a huge knock off from iPhone X.

What else are Chinese smartphone

Turning towards the phone’s back you will notice the Smartphone parks a dual camera lens arranged exactly the same way Apple arranged iPhone X’s vertically aligned double shots; located in the upper left corner. But as we all know, they can copy iPhone X design from beginning to the end, but the camera quality and the sensors can never be the same.

The price of this Smartphone is yet to be announced but when it does and the phone hits the market do you think it’s going to attract any potential buyer and sell?

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    1. Yeah, they are really trying.
      At least because of their copy-cat nature, it was possible for some of us here in Nigeria to start using an Android phone at a very young age. All thanks to Tecno and Infinix for coming to the rescue when Samsung, HTC, LG were cutting our necks with the high price of their Android devices.

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