What does IP67 water protection on iPhone XR mean

Despite the fact that the iPhone XR is cheaper than the iPhone XS, it has almost all the same functions. However, Apple had to make several compromises to reduce the cost of the iPhone XR. Among them is the degree of protection against water IP67.

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are IP68 protected from water, and the iPhone XR is IP67. It’s not bad, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X are protected the same way. But what does IP67 really mean? Understand this below.

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IP certification value

IP67 protection on the iPhone XR stands for “penetration protection”. The number “67” means that the model is fully protected from dust penetration and can work up to 30 minutes underwater at a depth of 1.5m. iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max with IP68 protection can work up to 30 minutes at a depth of 2m already.

The figure “6” – the degree of protection against dust, and “7” – protection against water. “6” is the maximum protection against dust, but the maximum protection against water is “8”. Accordingly, the protection of the iPhone XR against water is not the best. However, the degree of protection IP67 should be quite enough for most iPhone XR owners.


The fact that the iPhone XR is protected by an IP67 degree does not mean that it is waterproof. There is a huge difference between water protection and water resistance. If you substitute the iPhone XR under strong pressure or plunge deeper than 2m, the water will penetrate the rubber protection inside the smartphone and damage its content.

In addition, IP certification refers to ordinary water. IPhone XR cannot be immersed in sea water, since salt and other minerals can cause various problems.

If you accidentally drop your iPhone XR into the sea, quickly remove it, rinse it with plain water and dry it. The same should be done with other devices.


Apple has added IP67 protection on the iPhone XR due to a rubber gasket that protects the inside of the smartphone. However, over time, this gasket may wear out. In normal use, it should not be affected, but with falls and other damages the protection may be violated.  

No warranty

The fact that the iPhone XR is protected by an IP67 degree does not mean that Apple will repair damage from any kind of fluid for free. If damage occurs due to a defect in manufacturing, the warranty will be valid. However, Apple will not pay for your repair if you just wanted to check how deep your smartphone can survive.

It is better to take the protection from water on your iPhone XR as an emergency measure and not to drop it into the water every day.


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