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What can we expect from your Xiaomi Black Shark?

Xiaomi Black Shark

On April 13th, we will be witnessing the launch of a new product from this Chinese manufacturer. More specifically, the new Android smartphone and one of its sub-brands. It will be called Xiaomi Black Shark and has been the target of several leaked information with the brand to also publish some teasers for the next product to be released.

Xiaomi Black Shark

Meanwhile, we would also see Xiaomi herself publicly support this young company dedicated to the devices for Gaming. Moreover, the Chinese giant itself confirmed that its sub-brand is working on the development of Xiaomi Black Shark. Now, it’s a matter of waiting another 9 days until your official presentation.

Until then, let’s see what will define the Xiaomi Black Shark as an Android mobile device and as a possible alternative to the  Razer Phone. Now that the brand has introduced its new  Mi MIX 2S, we know that the Mi 7  is not the only product to be prepared by the brand and its sub-brands.

Indeed, after a visit to the AnTuTu test platforms and soon after to Geekbench, its technical specifications would be confirmed. In fact, as we suspected, the Xiaomi Black Shark will be one of the next smartphones equipped with the Snapdragon 845 processor from Qualcomm. Moreover, we would also see the indication of 8GB of RAM and, in the first leak, 32GB of internal storage according to AnTuTu.

Get ready for the Xiaomi Black Shark

Being a smartphone for gaming, we have a strong bet on the screen (display) of the device. Indeed, it is believed that it has a Full-HD + resolution (2160 x 1080 pixels) with its size remaining an unknown. Even so, one guess is a panel with 18: 9 format, thus following the current market trends. Moreover, we already know that your operating system will be Android Oreo 8.1. However, it remains to be seen whether or not we will have MIUI as the applied interface.

Android Smartphone for Gaming

We can also advance that Xiaomi Black Shark managed to get a total of 270,680 points on the AnTuTu platform, one of the highest values to date. Moreover, it will also be available in a cheaper version with 6GB of RAM according to the rumours. However, for now it is information that needs official confirmation by the brand.



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