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WearOS: Spotify finally has an app ready for Use

From early on Spotify is present in Google’s operating system for smartphones. Its use was limited and many of the really useful features were missing.

Spotify wants to change that and has now announced a new WearOS app, with (almost) everything we’re used to using on Android. We are not yet totally free from the smartphone, but the direction is this.


The experience of using Spotify WearOS and Android Wear has always been very unpleasant and limited. It only gave the possibility of moving forward or backward the songs that were set to play.

This limited their usability and required constant access to smartphones to switch playlists or simply to choose new songs. This has now changed and in the coming weeks a new version arrives with many more features.


This new app will allow you to access the playlists, and you can choose what you want to listen to, all from the screen of your smartwatch. In addition, it also lets you advance or rewind the songs, just as before.

At the same time, it also provides direct access to smartwatches to Spotify Connect, which allows you to control any playback of Spotify on speakers or other devices that are connected to the music service.


Spotify has announced that this new version will be available for the next week in an update to its WearOS app, so you should look for it. Even so, and as you can see, it already comes up and is available in new installations, as our pictures show.

This is an improvement that was expected many years ago in the version for the WearOS app of Spotify. It has finally come and gives a much greater freedom to users, who now control (almost) fully Spotify directly on their watch.

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