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Watch out! If you have an iPhone confirm that you do not have these games!

Watch out! If you have an iPhone confirm that you do not have these games!

During 2018 many times it was said that games and applications in the Google Play Store put users at risk through the use of malware. Now it seems that the ‘super secure’ iPhone iOS system is also not immune to these attacks.

According to the information published by TechCrunch, several games available in the Apple App Store are linked to a server responsible for attacks using Golduck malware.

This is malware that up to this moment are been used almost exclusively to attack Android users, infecting thousands of classic games. Security company Wandera revealed that at least 14 games (all retro- style  ) have been found with direct links to this server.

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But what does this malware do? Should I be worried?

The answer is very simple, yes! Any kind of malware will ultimately affect you negatively. In this more specific case, it will cost you a lot of money, and certainly, you will not like that to happen.

Since it was discovered more than a year ago, The Golduck malware has infected more than 10 million users, leaving its smartphones vulnerable. From the moment your smartphone is infected, hackers will be able to activate various types of commands. One of the most egregious examples is the possibility to send premium SMS  through your smartphone, spending unlimited amounts of money.

Aside from being difficult to identify when you are infected, it is also extremely difficult to clean your smartphone from this malware. Therefore, as in all cases, prevention is better than cure. See the list of games below and make sure you have not installed any of these games on your iPhone.


14 Games you cannot have on your iPhone!

First of all, let’s see the list of the 14 retro games for the iPhone that can make you vulnerable:

  • Commando Metal: Classic Contra
  • Super Pentron Adventure: Super Hard
  • Classic Tank vs Super Bomber
  • Super Adventure of Maritron
  • Roy Adventure Troll Game
  • Trap Dungeons: Super Adventure
  • Bounce Classic Legend
  • Block Game
  • Classic Bomber: Super Legend
  • Brain It On: Stickman Physics
  • Bomber Game: Classic Bomberman
  • Classic Brick – Retro Block
  • The Climber Brick
  • Chicken Shoot Galaxy Invaders

As reported by TechCrunch, none of these games seems to be (yet) performing any kind of more aggressive action on users. The commands that are running are only sending data about the device type, IP address, and in some cases the location of the user.

The company stresses that although no more dangerous action is being taken on users, hackers can easily change the type of commands to be used. Putting possibly millions of iPhone users at risk.

It seems that these 14 games together have already reached almost 1 million facilities. Worse still further if the hackers decide to start executing the same measures already seen in the Android system.


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