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How to watch movies in HDR on iPad Pro

How to watch movies in HDR on iPad Pro
 Lately, a lot of news has been connected with the video in 4K and HDR. Apple has released a new Apple TV 4K with support for several varieties of HDR (including Dolby Vision) and 4K. If your purchases have movies that are now available in 4K, Apple will improve their quality up to 4K for free. In addition, Apple significantly reduced the price of content in 4K and sells movies in this resolution at the same price as HD-video. On this news did not end – now HDR-videos are available on the new iPad Pro with iOS 11.

The new iPad Pro stunning screens. They are brighter, they do not reflect light so much, and the image is clearer. They also support ProMotion technology, which can update the screen at a frequency of 120Hz. Unnoticed is another new feature – support for HDR. Since iTunes did not have HDR video, and developers did not use this resolution in their applications, this feature was not used before.

How to watch HDR video on iPad Pro

Fortunately, getting content in HDR is very easy. First, go to the settings. In the section list, select TV, and then select iTunes Video. In the opened menu there is a switch that is responsible for downloading the video to HDR.

iPad Pro TV Settings HDR

Now you can watch videos in the best quality. To begin with, check out your purchased movies (they may have upgraded to HDR), and then go to iTunes to purchase new ones.

All HDR movies will be marked with special symbols in the description. This can be 4K or Dolby Vision. Symbols will be visible in the TV application, and in the store. When you choose a movie, just download it.

How different is the quality

The main question is, how much better is the video in HDR? We have always believed that 4K will not become a revolutionary quality, unlike HDR. 4K is just a nice bonus with a lot of pixels. And with HDR, the difference is really striking.

On the iPad, the difference is immediately noticeable. Colors are much more intense and more contrast. Black became blacker than before. Of course, this is not an OLED display, so it’s not as black as possible, but still. In general, the picture looks better.

You can see everything yourself in the screenshots below. And keep in mind that the camera does not convey the whole difference.

HDR Comparison layout


HDR Comparison 3


Although the HDR-looks great, the iPad Pro still contains some limitations. First, the lack of support for 4K. On the iPad Pro, not 4K-displays, but their resolution is more than 1080p, so the difference would be noticeable.

Secondly, it’s not OLED-displays, so the black is not as saturated. HDR is designed for OLED but looks great on Retina displays.

The last restriction is the lack of video transmission in 4K. Apple sells digital AV adapters with HDMI output. However, if you connect your iPad Pro with HDR to a TV with 4K and HDR, you still will not get a picture in 4K.


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