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Watch Dogs Legion online mode will arrive in early March

Modo online de Watch Dogs Legion chegará no início de março

Ubisoft announced that the Watch Dogs Legion online mode will be released for free on March 9, through an update for all platforms. Along with the additional content, gamers will have access to several new features.

According to Ubi, players will find an open cooperative world where they can form parties for up to four members and explore London. There will be missions there, with new team game mechanics.

The French publisher also says that it will bring “Leader of the Pack”, a Tactical Operation coop composed of five missions . Finally, there will be the “Spiderbot Arena”, a PvP where four players control armed spiderbots and compete in eliminatory matches.

Upon completing any online activity, users will earn XP for increase your ranking and unlock various rewards such as cosmetics and points of influence to recruit characters or upgrade your DedSec devices.

On March 9, players who purchased the Season Pass from Watch Dogs Legion will also have access to two exclusive single player missions. See below their official descriptions:

  • Guardian’s Protocol: “DedSec tracks an algorithm that allows artificial intelligence to replace human decisions. If they don’t find it soon, it can be used to turn armed drones into autonomous killers. ”
  • Not in our name:“ Um secret group is misappropriating the name of DedSec. If that weren’t enough, they are also stealing information so that their boss, the owner of an unscrupulous newspaper, can use it to blackmail his victims. ”

More future news for Watch Dogs Legion

As part of the Watch Dogs Legion post-launch plan for 2021, players will have access to future news, such as Invasion PvP mode , cooperative missions and characters. Season Pass owners will also win, this year, extra DedSec quests, the “Bloodline” DLC, and heroes like Mina, a guy who controls people’s minds; Aiden Pearce and Wrench, old acquaintances of the franchise; and Darcy, a member of the Order of Assassins.

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