Home NEWS Watch a FaceTime call with nearly 30 tech bloggers

Watch a FaceTime call with nearly 30 tech bloggers

Watch a FaceTime call with nearly 30 tech bloggers

Recently, the largest collaboration has occurred with nearly thirty YouTube bloggers, and it occurred as a FaceTime call. Call recording demonstrates how well this feature works. However, nothing is perfect, and Apple still has work to do.

Among the participants of the call were the following bloggers: MKBHD, iJustine, Dom Espisto, TechnoBuffalo, JerryRigEverything, TechSmarrt, UrAvgConsumer, and many others.

When so many people take part in a video call, and it is displayed on the small screen of the smartphone, hangs cannot be avoided. Video conferencing isn’t easy, which is why the Apple version began to hang after too many people joined the call.

As you can see for yourselves, for each participant of the call a window is highlighted, which increases when he starts speaking. You can also enlarge the window manually by touching it.

At least now we know that the FaceTime conferences work exactly as we were promised.

The more people take part in the conference, the more loaded the display looks. It is also affected by the fact that the windows of the participants are constantly moving across the screen. All of this could have been avoided if Apple had added a feature that allows it to open the full list of participants with a swipe right or left.

Creating an interface that will accommodate more than 30 conference participants is not an easy task. There is an opinion that 4 people is the optimal maximum for a video call. Perhaps this is true.


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