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[WAO] Scientific study says smartphone users have more brain activity: Do You Agree?


Whenever someone tells you that constantly using your smartphone is
bad for your health, you better have a copy of this scientific study
from Current Biology on you to show them that at least, your
brain is not atrophying. It says that the more you use your thumbs and
other fingertips, the greater your brain activity is. So take that
grandma who always wants me to put my cellphone down.

According to the study conducted by the University of Zurich and ETH
Zurich, led by Arko Ghosh, a lot of the fingertip-associated brain
signals can be linked to how often people used their fingers to swipe
through a smartphone. And that is how they started with the study, by
looking at the data footprints and comparing it to the brain plasticity
of those who use smartphones, compared to those who use the old kinds of
mobile phones. Ghosh says that neuroscientists have only to look at the
data from smartphone usage to start studying the extent of how our
brains and fingertip usage are interconnected.

The result of their study shows that the more people use their thumb,
index, and middle fingers when touching their device’s screens, the
more the electrical acitivity in our brains are enhanced. They used electroencephalography (EEG) to monitor the brain’s response and saw
that the amount of activity in the part of it that is connected to the
thumb and index fingers are directly proportional to the intensity of
use of the smartphones. They suggest that it was the repetitive sliding
movements over the surface of the phones that has reshaped the sensory
processing from the hand to the brain.

However, this study doesn’t give you the excuse to be swiping away on
your phones 24/7 just to exercise your brain’s elasticity. There are
still other studies that have linked excessive mobile device use to
other motor dysfunctions and even pain. Also, the study discussed here
is published in a journal that is part of the Cell Press, so maybe we
should take it with a tiny grain of salt.

 VIA: Science Daily   

For me it true they have more brain activity but nowadays kid swipe away 24/7 on their phone..that too #Bad

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