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Volkswagen reveals photos of the Seat Cupra el-Born! The electric car of your dreams

Volkswagen, current owner of the Spanish car maker Seat, revealed the first official images of the production model of its electric car, Cupra el-Born. The Seat Cupra el-Born prototype was introduced last year, leaving fans of the manufacturer eager to know the final model.

As with most cars integrated in the Cupra line, so does the el -Born arrives with an extremely appealing design, with very aggressive sports lines. With a base price yet to be revealed, the manufacturer again confirms that its official launch on the market will take place on 2021.

Seat Cupra el-Born is the perfect electric car for sports lovers

In addition to the photos published, Seat took the opportunity to update some of the your specifications. Cupra el-Born will arrive equipped with a Head-up Display with augmented reality technology. Regarding your 77 kWh battery, you will be able to offer up to 500 km of autonomy on a single charge, which is quite acceptable.

Seat Cupra el-Born carro elétrico

One of the important points in electric cars is their charging capacity, and Seat promises at least 260 km of autonomy in only 30 minutes of charge.

it was not possible to put the complete list of specifications side by side, everything indicates that el-Born will arrive with specifications very similar to those of the most powerful Volkswagen ID.3. However, it is important to note that the electric Seat Cupra will arrive with some exclusive additional features.

According to the Electrek website, the Dynamic Chassis Control technology will be implemented Sport (DCC Sport), developed specifically for el-Born.

Seat Cupra el-Born

Unfortunately, no information has yet been revealed about your possible market price, but it certainly won’t stand out for being among the TOP of the most affordable electric cars. It is known that it will be a manufacturer in the same factory where the VW ID.3 is being produced and will arrive next year.

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