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Vivo X23 gives in sights with “mini notch” in new photos

Vivo X23

We are just a few days away from the official presentation of the new Vivo X23 and finally photos have emerged that clearly reveal the design of the new smartphone. As you would expect, it will come equipped with the “new”  notch shaped water droplet.

This kind of notch proves to be much less intrusive on the screen, thus optimizing your entire experience of use. By all indications, the manufacturer has plans to use this kind of design has all its new smartphones.

There were also some photos of this new smartphone, but this is the first time we can clearly see the Vivo X23 in all its glory. The front panel has an excellent screen/body ratio, although it still has a very visible frame.

On your rear panel you will be able to find the double rear camera positioned on the top left, in a vertical orientation. Just below the photographic module is the LED flash. At the center of the glass back cover is the manufacturer’s logo. Finally, one of the images also allows us to see the beautiful blue pattern that is present in Vivo’s new smartphone.

The Vivo X23 will have a “mini notch” and advanced face recognition technology

Unfortunately, the leaks of information and rumors about Vivo X23 were not as many as would be desired. However, it is believed to arrive with a 6.4 “inch display. In order to ensure good performance, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor must be present. As for its RAM, it is possible that it can be made available with up to 8 GB.

In order to highlight the new smartphone, the manufacturer is expected to implement its TOF 3D facial recognition technology, which apparently performs better than Apple’s Face ID. In addition, it also takes up less space, allowing the use of the small notch.



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