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Vivo Nex: Almost no-frills smartphone seen for the first time

Vivo presented us with a smartphone called Apex a few years ago. The device stood out due to the lack of the margins and the frontal chamber was embedded in the upper rim.

The Chinese brand said that Apex would not hit the market, but they applied all the technology of that prototype into Vivo Nex.

In a new image released by the well-known leakster  @Ben Geskin we can see the two smartphones side by side. The Apex prototype is the smartphone on the right, and the model Vivo Nex that will be revealed officially in the coming weeks is the one on the left.

The front has 98% screen coverage, that is, for now is the device that offers the most screen in the market. We can see that the smartphone only has a slightly lower margin.

Vivo Nex will officially Launch next month

If we look closely at the image we see a camera at the bottom, the same place where the “mix” models of Xiaomi offer their front camera.

However, there is no reason to be sad. Apparently, that front camera will only have the purpose of unlocking. The camera will continue at the top of the smartphone’s built-in top.

When you turn on the front camera, you will see the automatic camera move up to take selfie. Something similar to what you can see in the promotional video above in the article.

Vivo Nex is expected to arrive with all the specifications of a top of the range. The device will arrive with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and 8GB of RAM.

Vivo Apex will hardly officially arrive in our market, however, it should not be difficult to buy the terminal through stores from China.

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