Vine Creator is working on a new similar application

In October last year it became known that Twitter closes the popular application with video Vine.

Twitter bought Vine in 2012 and four years later decided that it does not need this service anymore. The platform with 6-second funny videos was very popular even in 2016, so this news has upset many people. Since Instagram started supporting the video, and Snapchat has become more popular, no application has ever been able to replace Vine.

But in the future, it will change. Co-founder Vine House Hofmann wrote in his Twitter account that he is going to release a “replacement for the vine application.” He himself believes that it’s time to do this, and also receives many messages from users with the same opinion.

Unfortunately, there is no detail in the Hofmann tweet about what the new application will be like. There are many options, but so far we do not know anything. Is Hofmann going to make an exact copy of Vine? How soon will six-second videos return to our tapes? The result can be anything.

But we know that Hofmann will sponsor the project, whatever it is, so it will be able to implement any ideas.



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