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Videos show how advanced Boston Dynamics robots are

“Robots have come to dominate the world!” These are statements by those who fear the development of Boston Dynamics, a company that once belonged to Google.

Boston Dynamics is known for developing gadgets that allow us to question how much time they will need until they surpass the intelligence and physical fitness of the Human Being.

Although the Artificial Intelligence scares me a bit, I am in favor of the development and growth of this sector. I fully believe that robots have come to help us and to combine engineering with Artificial Intelligence will be a combination we will never forget.

Boston Dynamics robots are the most capable so far

In short, how much will the robots dominate the world? I do not know if our planet will ever become a “Westworld” – HBO Series on Artificial Intelligence – however, I fully believe that the Human Being will someday want to be like robots.

The limit of our body is known. Unfortunately we can not live in inhospitable environments nor we can be Superman, but with small advances in technology, I believe it is a matter of time.

Boston Dynamics robots can be scary, but they are also a cry of hope for those who can not manage to do so through this kind of technological development.

The videos you can see throughout this article show you how Boston Dynamics is advanced. Robots made them mortals, opening doors and helping each other.

In short, although I do not believe that robots will dominate the world, I sincerely hope that Human Beings will be able to create a positive synergy between robots with Artificial Intelligence of the future.

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