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Video shows Tesla Model 3 autopilot avoiding running over a family of ducks!

Here is the cute moment of the day! The moment when the Tesla Model 3 autopilot manages to avoid running over a family of ducks.

Autopilot may even be a controversial technology, but I am one of those who believes that the future should dictate that all cars have these systems. Moreover, I am radical in saying that all cars of the future should only drive this way. I certainly say this because I am not the greatest lover of driving.

The video showing Tesla Model 3 avoiding the duck family

Once again the video arrives from the Tesla Dashcam and shows us the exact moment where the car quickly detected an obstacle in the way and avoided without much stress for the driver. The moment happens in the second 0:35 of the video below.

So out of nowhere we see a family of well-camouflaged ducks with the landscape crossing the road. Although duck is an appetizing dish for some, there are few who don’t think it’s nice to see ducklings all behind their mother.

This time this family was lucky that the car that was at that time was a Tesla with autopilot. I do not say that a human could not avoid the situation, but we must admit that there would be many drivers with such reflexes.

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