Home GAMES Video shows Fortnite running on a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Video shows Fortnite running on a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Video shows Fortnite running on a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Fortnite for Android is one of the most anticipated games of the year. Today we have a video with the game running on a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus that gives us hope that the game is close to Google’s operating system.

It has been said that the game will be announced today for the Android platform with the Galaxy Note 9. The high-end smartphone of the South Korean company should be the first to bring the game officially to the Android market.

It was also mentioned that after the game to go to Note 9 will have exclusivity for another 120 days in the terminals Samsung and that can be installed through the application “Galaxy Apps”.

Today’s video shows us the game running smoothly on the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. The XDA staff were able to unveil the APK of the game and install the game in the top-end terminal of the Asian manufacturer.

Fortnite for Android via APK already runs on Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

It was mentioned that the same APK would work on the Google Pixel 2 XL, however, they had to tinker with the application code in order to unlock the game for other “non-Samsung” devices.

Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, should not bring the game to the Google Play Store in order not to pay the 30% profit the Mountain View company charges developers.

The game should be downloaded through the official Epic Games website when it becomes available. It is believed to be a problem for those who do not have much knowledge of how to do it. False applications with malware are planned. So, do not install anything that you are not absolutely sure is the original game.

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For now, Fortnite is not yet available for download. As soon as this possibility exists we will do an article with a small tutorial on how to do it.


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