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Valorant: new Overwatch rival has a confirmed release date! But it won’t be easy

Over the past few weeks, the new game from Riot Games has given way to talk, winning millions of fans during its closed beta phase. Thanks to Riot Games’ marketing strategies, Valorant quickly became one of the most popular games on Twitch, leaving millions of players eager to get in on the action.

Now, the company has revealed that Valorant will be launched globally on June 2nd. However, they warned in advance that its launch may happen in a somewhat troubled way.

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What to expect from Valorant on its launch day

It was Riot Games itself that warned its fans that the global launch of the game could happen in a somewhat troubled way. At the moment, the company is preparing new datacenters , so that they can guarantee the best possible experience in the areas of greatest demand. The big goal will be to be able to guarantee latency below 35 ms, but this will be very complicated in some areas.

In their official publication, they confirmed that the next cities to receive new infrastructure will be Warsaw, Madrid, London, Atlanta and Dallas. Therefore, it is to be expected that players in Portugal will be able to enjoy a very favorable gaming experience.

For now, Riot Games has recognized that they are not satisfied with the latency in European countries from the East, Colombia and Argentina, confirming that they are actively analyzing solutions to improve performance in these countries.

Players who are located in the Middle East and India will need to have some patience with their latency, having to wait for Riot Games to implement datacenters in these regions.

Regardless of the level of ping experienced, it has already been confirmed that the game will be officially released globally on June 2.

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