Home NEWS US urges South Korea to stop using Huawei products

US urges South Korea to stop using Huawei products

US urges South Korea to stop using Huawei products
US urges South Korea to stop using Huawei products

The United States government has called on South Korea to also stop using a Huawei device. The US State Department is expressing concerns about the ally’s 5G network and calls for confidential operations or diplomatic communication devices to no longer rely on the infrastructure of the Chinese company, which has been accused of espionage.

The requests would have come as much in meetings with ambassadors and representatives as through communications exchanged between the two nations. It would be, local press reports said, a kind of lobbying for strategic allies of the United States also to follow the determinations made last week, for which Huawei is prohibited from operating in the country, negotiating with US companies and vice versa.

A request, for example, would relate to LG Uplus Corp., one of South Korea’s top telephony operators. The US government would have asked the company to stop Huawei as a partner, or the country’s main and sensitive infrastructures. The statement toppled telecoms shares by 6 percent in Thursday’s trading session in Seoul, even as the company denied receiving any government request, be it South Korean or American.

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The foreign affairs department said in a statement that it had received contacts from the United States on concerns about 5G networks being implemented in the country but did not confirm whether any action against or in favor of Huawei is being taken. The agency said it only maintained contact with the Americans through diplomatic channels and recognized the allied country’s stance on the brand’s devices. The US government, on the other hand, did not comment on the matter.

Huawei, meanwhile, continues to maintain its position that the spy charges are unfounded and that the administration of Donald Trump masks commercial and political decisions as a concern for security. Apart from South Korea, the United States would be urging other friendly countries in Europe and Asia to stop using Chinese branded equipment in the implementation of 5G and other works related to telecommunications infrastructure.

Meanwhile, in the US, a temporary loosening of the ban on Huawei has been approved by the government, allowing Huawei to make the necessary adaptations and to stop operating in the country in a less drastic way as a measure to reduce the impact on consumers. Among the immediate repercussions of the sanctions would be a cut in the updates of the Android operating system for the devices of the brand, since Google needs to move away from the manufacturer, and difficulties in networks due to the sudden absence of maintenance by the company.


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