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Update Your Whatsapp To 2.16.275 Beta and Enjoy The Mention Feature

WhatsApp  2.16.275 Apk
Mark and his team are doing great work if you ask may not too long ago some great update to add to WhatsApp which are
  1. Front Facing Flash and One Finger Video Zoom: When taking a selfie within the IM, the screen will light up white to brighten your environment… Even though you are in the dark, you’ll be able to take a selfie within WhatsApp messenger. And when you’re holding the record button to capture a video, you just need to slide your finger up and down to zoom. These are amazing features. 
  2. You Can Now Write Text and Draw on Images: When you take a photo with the WhatsApp camera, you will be able to crop the image, edit the image, type text on the image, and even annotate and draw on top of it.  
  3. Bigger Emoji: Single emojis in messages used to appear the same way as all emojis (see the laughing face with tears in the left screenshot below). But in 2.16.256, bigger emojis were implemented so that these single ones would appear a little larger (see the same emoji in the middle screenshot).
  4. Send Multiple Message– You’ll now be able to send multiple chats at once while sharing or forwarding messages. The frequent contacts will appear on top while forwarding or sharing messages.
The new feature in the latest WhatsApp 2.16.275 is MENTION you can now mention your friends in Whatsapp as we do on facebook and twitter with the normal @ sign 

whatsapp 2.16.275

This feature is live in the latest WhatsApp betas that you can download from the link below


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