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Ultimate guide to parental control on iOS: everything you can restrict

Browsing the Internet, using applications and contracting online services are actions that are already part of our day by day . Despite their normality, these activities carry certain risks , especially for the youngest members of the household.

Apple includes a parental control within iOS that can help us control what our children do with their devices. In this guide we identify what exactly parental control is, what restrictions it allows and how to apply it.

What is iOS parental control?

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Parental control is a series of restrictions that limit the use of certain services or the purchase of digital goods . It is also possible to veto access to complete applications or apply age filters to content. The purpose of these restrictions is multiple. For example, they can help us protect our children from access to inappropriate content . However, they are also useful for preventing involuntary purchases or without authorization.

On the other hand, parental control can help us limit what applications are accessible to our children. Thus, we can turn your iPad or iPhone into an exclusive device for videogames , without integrated purchases allowed and without the possibility of surfing the Internet. This can also be very practical if the device is to be used exclusively for studying .

To activate the parental control we must go to the section Time of use of the Settings app and tell the iPhone or iPad if it is our personal device or that of our children. Once this is done, we must enter the section Restrictions . Changes in the restrictions we apply are protected with a password . This makes modifications without authorization impossible. Now, what possibilities does this control have and to what extent can we apply restrictions?

What can I restrict with parental control?

System applications

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The applications of the system can give access to inappropriate content or to behaviors that we want our children to avoid. With parental control we can disable access to Safari , Camera , FaceTime or Siri . In this way, our children will not be able to take photos, surf the Internet or make video calls. They will also not be able to access these functions using voice commands.

To activate this type of restrictions we must do it from Settings & gt; Usage time & gt; Restrictions & gt; Allowed applications .

Multimedia content

App Store iPhone

IPhone and iPad are multimedia consumer devices. So Apple includes a large number of stores where you can buy digital goods. Our children could make purchases without intention and without knowing that they cost real money . To avoid this behavior, Apple allows you to restrict access to iTunes, iBooks, Apple Music and the app store, the App Store .

It is interesting to note that it is also possible to limit or prohibit in-app purchases . This is especially interesting because our children often use the iPad or iPhone to play. When a game offers you the possibility to make a purchase and they agree, the device will prevent it.

Finally, in this section it is substantial that we can eliminate the possibility of installing or uninstalling applications . Thus, it will only be possible to execute those that are already installed and cannot be deleted without authorization.

To activate this type of restrictions you must do it from Settings & gt; Usage time & gt; Restrictions & gt; Allowed applications . To limit the integrated purchases and the installation and uninstallation of apps, you should go to Settings & gt; Usage time & gt; Restrictions & gt; Purchases in iTunes and App Store .

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Block content according to age or websites

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You may not want to completely block the music stores or applications that come with on the iPhone and iPad. In that case, you can choose to block sensitive content according to what age , such as the one containing explicit language . This particular parental control is also useful to prevent access to movies classified for certain ages .

Another option available within the framework of iOS parental controls is the blocking of adult websites . In this case, we can let the system itself apply a filter or specify URLs that you want to block . If an access attempt occurs, the device will ask for the password to continue loading the web.

To activate this type of restrictions we must do it from Settings & gt; Usage time & gt; Restrictions & gt; Content restrictions . Here we will display a very long list of options that we can customize according to our preferences and circumstances.

Privacy controls


Privacy is almost like water: a rare commodity . Therefore, although these types of restrictions are focused on our children and are framed in what we know as parental controls, they can also be very useful to us . In the privacy section of the restrictions menu we can adjust the use that the applications give to location, contacts, calendar, reminders, our photo gallery, microphone and recognition voice, among others .

To activate this type of restrictions we must do it from Settings & gt; Usage time & gt; Restrictions . We do not need to enter any additional menu.

Device settings

One last section where we can apply limitations is in the system settings themselves. Taking it to the practical field, it can again be very useful if we habitually “loan” our device to our children so that they play or surf the Internet. The options are very complete. For example, we can avoid volume change of iPhone or iPad , limit the use of mobile data to avoid scares on the invoice or not allow changes to occur in our account. Also, we can specify that we don’t want apps to run in the background .

To activate this type of restrictions we must do it from Settings & gt; Usage time & gt; Restrictions . Again, it is not necessary to enter any additional menu.

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As we have analyzed, in iOS parental control it is very complete and consists of an infinity of options that allow us to control the use made of our phone. We should not overlook that all these restrictions can also be useful to ourselves to limit the use or purchases we make.

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