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Ubisoft pardons punished for innocuous modification of the gamer


A few days ago, Ubisoft issued an eternal ban in the multi-player shooter The Division, Matti Hietanen, who created a useful Cinematic Tools photo module. Since the toolkit had no effect on the gameplay, many gamers expressed their dissatisfaction with the act of developers. It seems that this story may not end as sad as it was originally thought.

Tom Clancy The Division

Notification of the bath, which was received by Matti Hietanen

The creator of the photo album published on Twitter a message about the bath in The Division. Soon, the creative director of Ubisoft Julian Jiraiti reacted to his tweet. He promised to personally understand the situation and help a gamer.

“Hello, Matti. I’ll handle this today. I like what you are doing, and I would like to see it more often, “Julian Jiraiti wrote.

Note that earlier Matti released similar fashion for 22 games, including such popular titles as Battlefield 1, Dark Souls III and Star Wars Battlefront II. But the developers of The Division felt that such a modification violates the rules of their project. As it turned out, the reason for the ban was the use of Matti utility Cheat Engine.


  1. Huh Okay well! All this security stuff will not last long.. Hackers will soon show off from nowhere again.. Lol 😂
    Thanks for the info.


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