Home NEWS Report says Uber failed in auto accident in US

Report says Uber failed in auto accident in US

Report says Uber failed in auto accident in US

Preliminary report of the hit by a Uber freelance car that killed a woman in the city of Tempe, in the United States, indicates that the vehicle’s software may have been a major cause of the crash.

The paper, by the National Transportation Safety Boar, an independent agency responsible for investigating vehicle accidents in the United States, reports that the car’s sensors detected the presence of the cyclist nearby and the vehicle’s software identified the need to breach.

However, the same program disables the use of automatic brake and requires the driver to use the brakes, but the system itself does not warn the driver that action is required.

Images of the crash showed the driver looking down at the time of the accident, raising the doubt that she was looking at a smartphone instead of monitoring the traffic, but the report explains the driver’s explanation, explaining that she was looking at a touch screen inside of the vehicle, used to monitor the situation of the car.

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In addition, the report also comments that it is the responsibility of the driver to monitor this screen, apparently justifying that the person was looking down at the time of the accident.

According to the Tempe Police Department, the victim was eventually transported to a hospital but could not resist the injuries. The incident is considered the first fatal involving autonomous vehicles.

According to Bloomberg, Uber stopped all tests with its autonomous vehicles in the cities of Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Toronto and Phoenix in response to the incident.


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