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Twitter is testing a new way to view user profiles

Twitter is testing a new way to view user profiles

Anyone who has tried to follow Twitter conversations knows that the platform can be a bit messy when it comes to chatting and discussing, especially if it is a very long thread – and one reason is because the social network does not organize the different answers, putting them all at the same hierarchical level and complicating the follow-up of debates that already have many involved and/or a large number of posts.

Therefore, the company has been working in the last few months on various tools to facilitate discussion and follow-up of long conversations by the platform, and one of them is the insertion of a preview that allows seeing the profile of a user without leaving the thread.

Today, if you are following a conversation and clicking on someone’s @ to know more about the person, Twitter automatically takes you out of the thread and leads to the personal page of that profile, which ends up disrupting the follow up of the subject and often causes users to lose the yarn. But with the new implementation, a little window opens with the person’s basic data and the button to follow it without having to leave the thread, as shown in the tweet below.

Although not a revolutionary change, the new method of visualization of the profile should help a lot those users who use Twitter a lot, and facilitate the tracking of longer threads and their involved all without leaving the same page.

For now the tool is still in the testing phase, so only a few users will have access to it, but it is expected to be made available to the general community within the next few months.


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