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Twitter to have a feature already present on Facebook and Instagram

Twitter is one of the most controversial social networks in terms of its popularity. Unlike Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp, the little bird’s social network is widely used in some countries, and less in others.

However, it is an excellent means of communicating with the world. After all, for those who do not like Flipboard, for example, it has a beautiful alternative here in search of famous page posts, public figures, or even friends, in a simple, fast and effective way.

Moreover, the difficulty is none at the time of activating the notifications of a certain Twitter account, such as that of Androidviilaz,

However, there is a feature that still, Friso, is still not available to Twitter users and that will soon be. This has to do with the ability to save tweets to review later.

Something that has already happened on Facebook or Instagram for some time, this functionality is quite good because we can not always read/see what we want, the moment we want.

Twitter is not worse than Facebook or Instagram, just different …

Hence, happiness arises, albeit undiscovered at some point in time – given that the company did not clarify when it would be available – for being able to enjoy such an application.

Moreover, I can say that I spent a few days to use the social network again assiduously and, in fact, I look with good eyes at this addition. It’s a really different social network, at least on Facebook and so it turns out to be good to use it.

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