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Twitter CEO continues to promise the true Dark Mode

Twitter CEO continues to promise the true Dark Mode

The dark mode is a function that we can say is trendy. With growing concern with the visual comfort of users, many applications are implementing this mode.

The dark mode is basically a darkening of the interface of the application in order to facilitate its nocturnal use and also to save some battery. It also looks good as an alternative to the original aspect of the application.

Most applications tend to have a dark or dark gray tone. However, the social network Twitter has assumed a tone of blue, which does not fit much to the ideology of the dark way.

Jack Dorsey promises to bring the true Dark Mode

Through Phandroid, we know that a user posted their dissatisfaction wishing that all applications had the night mode, including Twitter.

By “coincidence,” the company’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, responded. In the publication, Dorsey explains that she talked to product leader Kavyon Beykpour and that they will “fix” the situation.

Surprisingly, there was no explanation for the choice of dark blue. Probably assumed that it would look good with the rest of the interface after all blue is the main colour of the social network.

Dorsey also mentioned that it would be great if the operating systems had a dark-mode activation function that encompasses all applications. There have been some signs that Google will be able to implement this function in the upcoming Android Q. However, it would be quite difficult to implement this natively and ensure that third-party applications work well.

In conclusion, the dark mode is an increasingly essential function in applications. Personally I have always been active in all the applications they support as I consider their actual benefits.


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