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Twiter launches new tool to prevent spreading Fake News

Over the past year, Twitter has faced a major battle against the spread of Fake News on its platform, proving to be one of the biggest challenges ever. In June, they started testing a new tool whose main objective is to try to prevent users from sharing links to news with dubious content.

Now, the social network has confirmed that it is already working on final preparations to expand this tool to all users. The tool is as simple as it is efficient, presenting an alert to all users who try to share a link that they didn’t even open.

Twitter alerta Fake News

“Headers don’t tell the whole story”, warns Twitter

The warning displayed on the social network leaves no room for doubt, warning the user that the “fat letters” do not always tell the whole story in a clear way. Then, they allow the user to read the article directly on Twitter, without needing to be redirected to a second application.

Although the warnings are very clear, it is important to note that they are just that, always giving the user the choice, who can continue with the publication without first reading the article.

We shouldn’t have to say this, but you should read an article before you Tweet it. https://t.co/Apr9vZb2iI So, we’ve been prompting some people to do exactly that. Here’s what we’ve learned so far. ⤵️

– Twitter Comms (@TwitterComms) 24 September 2020

New tool is extremely efficient

During the testing phase, which ran only with Android users, the results presented are really impressive. According to the information published by Twitter, the objectives for this tool were perfectly fulfilled:

  • Users opened articles much more often (40%) after seeing the alert
  • Users started opening articles more often (33%) before attempting to share the link
  • Users stopped publishing the article after reading the content

Obviously this is not the miracle tool that will wipe out Fake News on Twitter. However, it will certainly be an excellent addition so that the content shared on the social network is of greater value to the other users.

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