Home NEWS Twitch ends up being banned in China, leaving millions of fans angry

Twitch ends up being banned in China, leaving millions of fans angry

Twitch ends up being banned in China, leaving millions of fans angry

Twitch is by far the largest game streaming platform of today, with millions of users daily, whether it’s streaming your games or viewing other users. In China, the big boom happened last month, but it did not last long.

With the full broadcast of the popular  Asian Games, the platform saw its popularity in China rise exponentially last month. Adherence to the platform was so great that it eventually reached # 3 on iTunes.

However, most likely thanks to this great growth, it was eventually targeted by the country’s strict laws regarding video games. In calling the attention of the authorities, the Twitch was eventually banned in China. That is, the users in the country can not in any way have access (legal) to the service.

It has already been confirmed by the company itself that its service has been officially blocked in China. In addition to not having access to the website, the iOS app has also been removed from the AppStore.

Drastic measures in China end up banning the Twitch platform

Although they confirmed their blockade, the company did not reveal the reasons behind these drastic actions of the Chinese government. So we have only speculation about the reasons that led to this decision.

In China, the government has for some time tried very rigidly limiting the access of young people to video games. Having as main target the possibility of playing online games. At the beginning of the year, the Chinese government was even able to “ban” the launch of new games in the country.

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In addition, they were also able to get companies to put in place measures of containment regarding the time of game allowed by each user. This timeout is calculated according to the age of each player. But the most ridiculous are the excuses created to justify these measures.


According to the government, the main reason is to “save” the sight of children. Affirming that children in China have presented serious eye problems due to excessive hours spent playing video games.

Most likely the Twitch lock was eventually put into practice for the same reasons. Although not a video game, the platform allows users to continue their “addiction” by watching other players for hours on end.

Twitch is expected to issue an official statement clarifying the reasons for this ban. However, the most certain thing is for the company to be trying all possible solutions to work around this problem.


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