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Tweak Hive adds an interesting password screen on iPhone

Tweak Hive adds an interesting password screen on iPhone

Most of us most often use Face ID or Touch ID to unlock smartphones. However, sometimes iOS requires you to enter a password, for example, after a device reboot or long inactivity. Accordingly, from time to time you still see the screen with a password.

If your jailbreak is installed on your smartphone, you can make this screen many times more interesting and more beautiful. The new free jailbreak tweak Hive adds an unusual password entry design. You can choose the colour palette of the screen to your taste.

After installing Hive tweak in Settings, a new section will appear with its options:



Here you can:

  • Select the main colour of the interface.
  • Select text colour.
  • Select the colour of the separating lines on the screen.
  • Adjust the contrast.
  • Enable and disable unlock animation.
  • Customize the duration of the animation.

Below you can see how the unlock animation looks like:


Hive adds a very unusual design of a familiar password screen that will precisely highlight you in a crowd. In terms of functions, nothing will change – you still need to enter your password to unlock the device, but the numbers are in a different order. The latter will have to get used to.

You can download tweak for free from the Packix repository . Tweak works on all devices with iOS 11 jailbreak.


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