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[Tutorial] How to port TWRP custom recovery to an MTK Android phone

This guide will explain how to port and flash TWRP custom recovery to your MTK Android phone using Easy Magic TWRP Installer.
>>Download Easy Magic TWRP Installer (for JellyBean | for Kitkat)
>>USB cord
>>MTK Android phone with USB debugging enabled (Settings & Developer)
 Launch TWRP setup.exe on the PC and click Next
[Image: port-twrp-to-mtk-1.jpg]
* You should get a prompt confirming that the installation was successful, click OK
[Image: port-twrp-to-mtk-2.jpg]
* Wait till the credits note prompt is done then close it
[Image: port-twrp-to-mtk-3.jpg]
* For “Do you want to start Easy Magic TWRP installer for MTK now”, select Yes
[Image: port-twrp-to-mtk-4.jpg]
>> For “What do you want to do”, tick “Start Easy Magic TWRP installer for Mediatek now” then click OK
>>Click Yes for Auto-Port
[Image: port-twrp-to-mtk-6.jpg]
>>Connect the phone to the PC via USB cord then click OK
Twrp custom recovery
>> Wait for a few seconds
[Image: port-twrp-to-mtk-8.jpg]
>> Ensure the phone is connected to the PC via USB cord then click OK
Twrp custom recovery
>> For “Do you have a flipped recovery screen”, you may select No if you dont or dont know what this means
Twrp custom recovery
>>The program will display the phone’s boot image (secure / insecure), SoC, Screen resolution and Partition information . Just sit back and wait
>>You should get a prompt saying “Rebooting to recovery….”
MTK Twrp custom recovery
>>If porting and flashing were successful, you should get a prompt saying Congrats!
Twrp custom recovery
>>The phone should now boot into TWRP recovery 


  1. Hi, I am using "Symphony Helio S1", MT6753, Mali- T720, Kernel V- 3.10.65, Android 5.1. I want to ROOT my device. But Every method has been failed. Just SupperSU.Zip is not tried yet. So, 1st i have to make a Custom Recovery.img. But how can i make custom recovery? plz help me someone. I have Stock ROM and Official Firmware.

    • upload just your stock recovery in your official firmware and send in to my mail using the contact box
      Sorry for late reply
      will be awaiting your the link to the stock recovery

    • Use kingoroot android app to root your phone it is easy to use but after rooting it installs kingo superuser which you can replace using supersume app.Hope I helpedyou

    • @Unknown and iiu99 the latest Version of Android can only be rooted through Custom recovery
      kingroot at this moment cant root most 5.1.1 phone

      The Developer of Mtk droid tool stop the project so it base can only create recovery for 4.0 to 4.4

      Recovery for android 5.1.1 are ported


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