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Top Best Features of MacBook Air 2018

Top Best Features of MacBook Air 2018

Instead of closing the MacBook Air line, Apple released an update for it. The new Retina display has the same legendary design! Below we will tell you about everything you need to know about the new MacBook Air 2018.

Retina display

Let’s start with the update that we all have been waiting for. The MacBook Air 2018 has a 13.3-inch display with four times as many pixels. The resolution of the new display is 2560 x 1600. It does not support True Tone technology but displays 48% more colours than the previous generation.

The aspect ratio is still 16:10, but the aluminium frame around the screen has been replaced by black, and now it is two times thinner. The laptop is made from 100% recycled aluminium.

New design

The MacBook Air 2018 has retained the same design, but now it is only 15.6 mm thick and weighs 1.25 kg. It is much smaller than the old MacBook Air. Thanks to the thin frames, the body of the new MacBook Air is 17% smaller.

Touch ID

MacBook Air – the first MacBook with Touch ID scanner is not on the touch bar, but on the keyboard. The Touch ID system works at the expense of the T2 chip. Thanks to the same chip, the “Hi, Siri” function works.


The MacBook Air still has a 2-core 1.5GHz Core i5 processor, but it is enough to work. This is an Intel 8th generation processor. There is also a graphics processor Intel UHD 617. Through the Thunderbolt connector, you can connect external graphics processors. At first glance, this is not enough, but the processor must cope with all everyday tasks: browsing Netflix, browsing the Internet, using Excel, etc.

The base model has 8GB of RAM, but it can be increased to 16GB. Normal memory in the base model 128GB, but now it can be increased right up to 1.5TB.

The battery remains the same – the laptop can work up to 12 hours when using the Internet. But watching the video has grown to 13 hours.

Thunderbolt USB-C connectors

The MacBook Air 2018 remained the last laptop with USB-A connectors, but now it has changed. The new MacBook Air has two Thunderbolt USB-C connectors, but that’s about it. If you want to use accessories, you have to buy adapters.

Keyboard Butterfly 3 generations

The new MacBook Air has a keyboard like the latest MacBook Pro. The original MacBook Air had one of the best keyboards among notebooks, and this one got even better.

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The Butterfly mechanism is not the most reliable, and not everyone likes it, but now the dust does not easily fall under the keys. The keyboard is a matter of taste for everyone. Before buying a new MacBook Air, we advise you to try it in the nearest hardware store.

The trackpad on the 20% longer

The new trackpad supports Force Touch technology, in which the physical press was replaced by vibro-feedback. In addition, its surface has become 20% larger compared to the old model.

The speakers are louder

If you often watch movies on the MacBook Air, then you will love the dynamics of the new model. They have become more than 25% louder, and the bass is two times more powerful.

Three colours

This is also the first time: the new model is available in the colours “grey cosmos”, silver and gold. Golden Air looks especially beautiful.

The new MacBook Air costs from $1,199 for a model with 128GB of memory. You can order it now, and the laptop will go on sale on November 7.


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