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Top 8 iPhone adapters for fast charging the iPhone X

In addition to wireless charging the iPhone X and iPhone 8 support and more rapid charging. Apple claims that with it you will be able to charge your phone by 50% in just 30 minutes. Wireless charging is quite comfortable but very slow. It can transmit only 5 watts (7.5 watts later).

We have compiled for you a selection of the best top 8 iPhone adapters for fast charging of iPhone X and iPhone X.

Top 8 iPhone adapters for fast charging the iPhone X

Lightning cable

USB C Lightning Cable


As for the Lightning cable, then there is only one option – Apple. While the company did not provide third-party manufacturers for the production of certified cable USB-C Lightning.

You will need a USB-C cable as a standard USB-A, which comes bundled with the phone, only supports USB 2.0 with reduced charging rate. USB-C Cable supports USB 3 and can charge the device much faster.

Everything You Need to Know-About iPhones Fast Charging


Apple 5  W

Apple puts a charge 5 watts in a box for each iPhone, and it is one of the slowest. We tested it, but from the start, it was obvious that it would be worse.

Apple 12  W

This charge comes bundled with some iPad models. It is slightly faster when the phone is charging, and many take advantage of this over the years. This charger charges the fine old phones, but it is not the best option for the latest device models.

Apple 29  W

If you have a 12 “MacBook, that is, and this charge. It is the smallest USB-C adapter from Apple and a great option for fast charging your phone. The biggest drawback of this charge – its high price. Third-party charging can be charged at the same rate, and cost half as much.

If you do not have the MacBook, but you would like such a charge, it can be purchased on Amazon for $ 47.93.

Other charging Apple

Apple has a USB-C adapters and more. For example, charging 61 W and 87 W, which is supplied together with MacBook Pro. They are absolutely safe to use with the iPhone because they restrict the flow of energy to one that is capable of receiving the phone. iPhone 8 and X may not take as much energy as laptops, so to them, this charge will have the same effect as the adapter 29 watts.

Anker 30W

Anker USB C 30W Power Adapter


The device Anker is great for fast charging and costs two times less than the Apple adapter.

However, this charge has two minuses – lack of support for the extension and unnecessary screen. In size it as Apple 29 W adapter. This charge can be purchased on Amazon for $ 21.

Aukey Amp Duo



The Amp Duo Aukey – Useful charging USB-C with two additional ports USB-A. They all cannot be used simultaneously, but you can use port or USB-C, or a two-port USB-A immediately. This is a great option for a low price $ 22.99 on Amazon’s.




Lumsing also becomes a bargain. It may allocate 48 W between the ports and a USB-A USB-C. The ports can be used simultaneously, and it is worth even less Aukey charge. This charger can charge the fine and MacBook. Now, this product is sold on  Amazon for $ 21.99.



The last device in our list – double charging RAVPower 36 watts. She is also very cheap. We were very impressed with the stand for the wireless charging of RAVPower, and we are no less satisfied with the adapter of this company. As Lumsing, it comprises a USB-A port and the USB-C, which can be used simultaneously. Device downside is that it is not as powerful as Lumsing. You can buy RAVPower on Amazon for $ 20.99.


We conducted a test with some recharges from the list to see how they cope with their task.

For the test we will fully discharge the iPhone 8 Plus, and then put it on charge for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes we recorded the percentage by which the phone could be charged.


The first thing that catches the eye, it is useless 5W charging. After 30 minutes of charging, the phone barely charges on 25%. This is a poor result compared to the rest.

Best of Apple was charging 29 W, but the gap is small. The test confirmed that the Apple phone charger capable of charging up to 50% in 30 minutes, but it can do, and other devices. Third-party charging cope not worse and cost half as much.

Fast Chargers Results Graph


Choose the best option is difficult. If you are looking for the lowest price, best buy RAVPower. And if you want to charge with additional features, then you will approach Aukey Duo.

In any case, all charging coped adequately, so that there is no wrong choice here.

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