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Top 7 Best Pixel 3 Features iPhone Required

A few weeks after the release of the iPhone XS, Google presented its new flagship Pixel 3 . This is the iPhone in the world of smartphones with Android. Google has added its best technology to this smartphone. Recall that between Apple and Google is a long war in terms of copying functions.

Today we will tell you about the best features of Pixel 3, which are necessary for subsequent models of iPhone. In addition, the Pixel 3 also has many features borrowed from the iPhone: a frameless display, a dimple on the screen, wireless charging, no headphone jack).

1. Call Screening

 Call Screening


Call Screening is a new feature of Google Assistant. When a user clicks the Call Screen button, Google Assistant will answer the incoming call and ask you why they are calling you. After that, the caller’s answer will be displayed on the screen as text. In essence, this feature turns Google Assistant into your personal secretary.

A similar Voice Mail feature on the iPhone would be very useful. Thus it would be convenient to answer calls of unfamiliar numbers.

2. ARKit in Camera

ARKit in Camera

The Google Pixel contains Google Lens integration right in the Camera app. You can recognize products, attractions and various places by simply pointing the camera on your smartphone. In addition, Google has added volume icons to the Camera.

Apple could do the same with its ARKit 2 platform. The Messages application already has filters and camera effects. We hope that in the future they will appear in the main Camera.

3. Wide Angle Selfie Camera

There is an excuse for a big hole on the Pixel 3 XL screen: there are already two cameras in it. The first one is for ordinary selfies, and the second one is wide-angle. With it, you can fit all your friends in a group selfie.

4. Best shot


When you take a photo on Pixel 3, the smartphone will take some pictures. On the iPhone, you can do the same. This is how Live Photo works. However, Pixel 3 itself chooses your best shot. You can also view all the rest.

On the iPhone, you can make a series of photos or Live Photo, but their quality will be worse than usual.

5. Stereo speakers on the front panel

The iPhone has stereo speakers, but they are not located on the front of the smartphone and do not sound very loud. The Pixel 3 has a huge notch and a large bottom frame, which allowed Google to place excellent loud speakers on the front. We hope that Apple will find a way to make the speakers louder without increasing the size of the notch and frame.

6. Superzum


Google uses artificial intelligence for digital zoom without blurring pictures. You can apply magnification up to 6 times without losing details.

7. Photo Booth

This feature resembles the old Mac Photo Booth software. Google Pixel can automatically take a picture when you smile or make a face.

BonusTouch ID Return

On the back of Pixel 3 is a fingerprint scanner. Many iPhone users miss fingerprint scanning. Face ID is a great feature, but an alternative in the form of a Touch ID would please many. Especially if the fingerprint sensor would be built into the display, as on the OnePlus 6T.

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