Top 50 useful keyboard shortcuts for Mac users

50 useful keyboard shortcuts for Mac users

Not all computer owners use keyboard shortcuts. Some simply do not know about them, while others simply do not see the need for them.

However, using keyboard shortcuts on Mac can be done much faster. You can easily and conveniently manage the system, work with documents and much more.

Fortunately, now you can bookmark this article and always have access to as many as 50 useful keyboard shortcuts for Mac.

Top 50 useful keyboard shortcuts for Mac users

System combinations

  • Put Mac into sleep mode: Option Command + power button
  • Enter the display in sleep mode: Control Shift + power button
  • Sign out of your Mac account: Shift Command Q
  • Forced reboot without saving files: Control Command + power button
  • Closing programs and shutting down with saving files: Control Option Command + power button
  • Display a window with a reboot, sleep mode and shutdown: Control + power button

Display combinations

  • Show and hide Spotlight Search: Command + Spacebar
  • Show and hide Dock: Option + Command + D
  • Display Character Viewer: Control + Command + Space
  • Open the current program to full screen: Control Command F
  • Screenshot of the entire display: Command Shift + 3
  • Selective screenshot: Command + Shift + 4
  • Open Screen Utility: Command + Shift + 5

Finder combinations

  • Open Computer window: Shift Command C
  • Open desktop: Shift Command D
  • Open Recent folder: Shift Command F
  • Open the Downloads folder: Option + Command + L
  • Open Documents folder: Shift Command O
  • Open the Utilities folder: Shift Command U
  • Open AirDrop window: Shift + Command + R
  • Open the folder Transition: Shift Command G
  • Open iCloud Drive folder: Shift + Command + I
  • Display objects in the Finder as icons: Command + 1
  • Display objects in the Finder as a list: Command + 2
  • Display objects in the Finder as columns: Command + 3
  • Create a new folder: Shift Command N
  • Create a new smart folder: Option Command N
  • Show or hide side menu: Option Command S
  • Show or hide the address bar: Option Command P
  • Show or hide the status bar: Option Command + /

Combinations for documents

  • Bold text: Command + B
  • Italics: Command + I
  • Underline: Command + U
  • Page up: Fn + up arrow
  • Page down: Fn + Down arrow
  • To top of document: Fn + Left Arrow
  • At the end of the document: Fn + Right Arrow
  • Save Document: Command + S
  • Print this document: Command + P
  • Cancel: Command + Z
  • Restore: Shift + Command + Z

Other shortcuts

  • Cut: Command + X
  • Copy: Command + C
  • Paste: Command + V
  • Select all: Command + A
  • Find: Command + F
  • Collapse first window: Command + M
  • Close first window: Command + W
  • Forcibly close the program: Option Command Esc
  • Go to the recent program: Command Tab

Keyboard shortcuts become great tools after you get used to them. You will not notice how you will begin to use them regularly.

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