Top 5 customization packages for your Android

Mobile operating systems tend to be very “stable” in terms of graphical lineage. As a matter of usability, companies do not significantly change the look of the operating system. The user, however, has at his disposal several tools that allow to make certain personalization.

If you already have your favorite launcher that shows your degree of mechanics, now take advantage of these Android-like customization packages that are temporarily free.

These graphic object packages allow you to change the look and feel of your smartphone in the area you use the most, the interface. They are new icons, new colors and other images that will personalize your Android according to your tastes.

These packs are temporarily free , enjoy while they can be use without paying anything.

The Top 5 customization for your Android

3D Merry Christmas Santa Theme

It is the beloved Christmas season with lots of enlightenment, a spirit of peace and love that is everywhere felt. So why do you still have your smartphone with the summer theme?

Welcome Santa! This theme for your Android will allow you to customize the desktop, some interfaces and put all the holiday spirit in the icons, in the graphics, in the transitions in 3D and beyond.

3D Merry Christmas Santa Theme

The navigation itself through the option sheets will undergo changes to celebrate Christmas.

Plenty of different cheerful themes with HD and Open GL graphics. Optimized for balanced battery use. Compatibility with more than 99% of devices.

Elegant 3D Wallpapers that are supported in the horizontal mode of your screen, as well as many other interesting and joyful features.

Download 3D Merry Christmas Santa Theme

Retro Icon Pack

This is a package of icons and requires a custom Android launcher to run it. It will not apply with the Google Now Launcher, the Pixel Launcher or whatever has been factory installed (except LG, Xperia Home, Asus Launcher and One Plus Launcher).

The tones are more classic, they simulate a retro look to match the striking images of yesteryear.

Retro Icon Pack

It has over 4100 icons, with resolution of 192x192px, Quad HD wallpapers based on the cloud and material Design Theme Dashboard.

On the application page there is a list of available launchers to support this critical pack.

Download Retro Icon Pack

Art Alive: Night 3D Pro

And how about giving a realistic, three-dimensional look to your Android? Yes, the flat is going out of fashion and not late we enter the 3D concept again.

The Art Alive: Night 3D Pro customization package puts in your Android realistic art 3D images, like wallpaper. This night version of “Live 3D Pro Art” made for users who like dark themes, includes 10 famous pictures that illustrate the work environment.

One of the most famous paintings in the world “Bedroom in Arles” by Vincent van Gogh recreated in 3D will give an artistic colorful look to your smartphone.

With extremely realistic images, the user will “enter” in the middle of a room, where everything around them is almost a real experience. Then, the large amount of customization options, will put in the hand of the user the spaço control and the graphic time. It changes the pictures, the walls, the floor, the furniture and the materials.

More than a change of color is a renewal of spirit. Will be present almost always and Van Gogh.

A cinematic camera will take you for a minute on a virtual tour to show the whole scene. With smartphone accelerometer features, the user can explore the scene only with device rotation.

Download Art Alive: Night 3D Pro

Daily Wallpapers – nature wallpapers

There are people who do not live without a nice picture in the background of the desktop either on the computer or on the smartphone. Even they do not want to touch the icons or even the way Android moves, they just want to look and see a good image.

This image pack is for people that loves pictures you can find beautiful photos shared by people around the world. New daily photos of nature, places, places, movies, animals, flowers, people, etc.

Download Daily Wallpapers – nature wallpapers

Platin – Icon Pack

Do not want Christmas lighting? Do not you want a retro look or even a screen invaded by the green of nature? Then stay in the “clean” something cleaner, more metallic.

That is the proposal of this package. Platin – Icon Pack lets you have your Android look cleaner and cooler. For this you can use over 4500 custom icons, 85 wallpapers, a smart management application of wallpapers and icons with a resolution of 192 × 192 pixels.

Platin - Icon Pack

You can customize various areas of the operating system to feel that you have a piece of technological metal in your hand.

Inside the app download page you have some instructions to apply and use this graphic customization package.

Download Platin – Icon Pack

These are just a few of the many options that they can use. Most have the days counted as to the price, they are free, but for a short time. Even if they do not use it already, you can use it later.

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