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Top 5 Battery saving tips for your Android smartphone

5 Battery saving tips for your Android smartphone

Smartphones, Android or iOS, are already a necessity in the day to day of all of us. Especially in this festive season where we are constantly talking to someone, sending SMS or sharing photos of Christmas lights. Moments and situations that we witness in the streets or the decorations of the Christmas tree. Now for all this you need to have … battery and knowing how to save battery remains a priority.

First of all, the truth is that there are several ways to conserve battery power that are already common sense. So be careful with GPS as well as turn off Bluetooth, WiFi or mobile data when you’re not using them. But of course, are there so many lesser known ways to save your Android smartphone battery?

With the Christmas season coming up, do you really want to run out of battery and you can not send messages? Send congratulations or receive calls from your family? Well, it matters to know how to keep your Android smartphone with battery with these 5 tips.

Want to save battery power on your Android smartphone?

The following list of battery-saving tips on your Android smartphone aims to add new suggestions to the various practices you already know. That is, as said above, practices like disable GPS location when you do not need it are already well known. Still, especially in this Christmas block, any suggestion that can help to save battery in the smartphone is very welcome. The following is the list:

The Top 5 Battery saving tips for your Android smartphone

1.Decrease the brightness of your smartphone screen

Does it seem basic and logical? It is because it is. Whenever you turn on the smartphone screen you are consuming power. Now, if the required brightness is high, then consumption will also be.

Decrease the brightness of your smartphone screen

Try also to use the tool to automatically adjust the brightness of the screen , or keep it at a minimum. In short, only increasing when necessary for a good visualization.

2.Reduces the time the screen takes to lock your Android smartphone

If the screen uses up power while you’re using it, the same happens in the seconds when it’s waiting for automatic locking. So try reducing the amount of time your Android smartphone takes off the screen. Here clear while not being used, opting for the least possible time.

3.Close all unneeded apps on your smartphone

Often we have a multitude of applications and programs open. Something that can affect more power consumption while the phone is at rest. It is important, therefore, to close the applications in order to finalize their use correctly, protecting the battery.

If you close apps every time you use them, you can increase the autonomy of your Android smartphone. You can close all applications at once with a touch button that shows everything that is open in the background.

4.Disable vibration on your Android

Did you know that more energy is needed to get the smartphone to vibrate than to play? This is because we have a small vibration engine inside. Why, therefore, chooses to put the loudest sound if you are afraid of not hearing it play.

Disable vibration on your Android

Or, if you have to put it in “quiet” mode whenever possible do not opt ​​for the vibration option. Put it on the table, so you’ll see the screen to turn on! A small but valuable battery saving tip on your Android smartphone.

5.Uses airplane mode in remote locations

Have you noticed that when you are in places with little network your battery disappears faster and faster? You’ll notice a difference if you turn on airplane mode which, in addition to preventing your smartphone from always looking for a network signal, helps save battery power.

If you need to charge your smartphone faster, you can also charge it in airplane mode! In short, it is in the lowest network receiving locations that the battery will most be “sacrificed” to ensure that the smartphone is effectively connected to the network. However, if at that moment of travel you do not need to be connected, turn it off completely.

6.Take care of your Android smartphone battery

The truth is that it is not advisable to keep the battery in a prolonged way with low or full charge. Therefore, it is preferable that you charge the smartphones in a partial way than 0 to 100%. This avoids completing another charge cycle.

Not all advice is related to the control of the applications or the time of use. This is because there are other functions to keep in mind such as turn off automatic rotation or push notifications.

However, with these tips and all the extra care you already have with your Android smartphone, you’re ready to send congratulations this holiday season to all your family and friends!

I hope one of these tips to save battery power on your smartphone is really useful! If you have more suggestions leave us also your practices to save more battery.


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